Multi-layered QC Process

SoCal Direct has a three tiered quality control process including an electronic scanning software system, trained staff quality control team, and licensed in-house appraisers who work diligently to ensure quality. Each and every report managed by SoCal Direct will undergo quality control analysis through this three-tiered system.

Our proven three-tiered QC system with licensed appraisers at the top of the pyramid results in:

  • Superior quality reports.
  • Fewer underwriting requests.
  • Greater compliance with appraisal regulations.
  • High rate of transaction success.
  • Greater trust in our reports by lenders, underwriters, and industry experts.
  • Licensed QC appraisers working with you, on your side.
  • Always accurate Information.

In-House QC Team

Our business model was developed by appraisers who were frustrated with appraisal management companies. AMC’s are notoriously difficult to contact and once an individual is reached, they typically can’t answer your question and may not even understand the question. By the time you finally reach someone who can deal with the issue or give you a firm fee quote for a complex property, you have lost valuable time and have lost confidence the answer you receive.

To our management team, your 1st experience with SoCal Direct is as important as your last. Reaching a knowledgeable and qualified staff member or licensed appraiser is easy and convenient. Our licensed appraisal staff are required to stay up to date with any and all regulatory changes, contribute valuable input to day to day operations, and keep informed of market changes by communicating with paneled appraisers on a daily basis.

If you are looking for the highest level of communication, quality control, and professionalism, you must experience the SoCal Direct difference.